Welcome to the Rotorua Christmas Parade!

Hi Folks,

I have some great news for all of you that follow this page.

We have secured funding to screen a Christmas movie on the Village Green after the Parade this year.

Now all we need to do is select the movie that represents Christmas to you and your family. For a limited time only, we are running a poll on our Facebook site to select the movie we show.

To find our Facebook page, type \"Rotorua Christmas Parade\" in the search bar at the top of Facebook and go to the page.  Alternately, drop us an email at rotoruachristmasparade@gmail.com

Entries close Thursday 19th November, and the most popular movie will be the one we show.

The rules are;

  • The movie must be suitable for kids and adults
  • It must represent Christmas and be Christmas themed
  • It must be a full length feature
  • It must be fun
  • Only one vote per Facebook friend

So, add your movie choice to the \\\\\\\"comments\\\\\\\" section of the post on the Facebook page and get your friends to vote as well.

Some suggestions for movies for the Village Green Christmas show are;

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Arthur Christmas
  • The Polar Express
  • Elf
  • The Santa Claus

Watch the clips on YouTube and decide which is your favourite...

See all of you at 4pm on Saturday December 5th for the Parade and afterwards at the Village Green for the movie.


Our Sponsors:

  • Rotorua District Council
  • The Hits
  • Bernina Rotorua
  • Rotorua Trust
  • Four Winds Foundation
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